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Kick of meeting in Thesssaloniki

The first group meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, November 3-5, 2014.

It was a great opportunity to meet all team members in person!


The first project meeting was an occasion to discuss in detail all sets of activities (known as “Outputs”), management and communication issues, dissemination to target groups, project monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Presentations of the various Outputs were carried out by Output leaders:

  • Output 1 (Co-creation of guidelines for training of adult educators on OER reuse): presentation by Allison Littlejohn and Isobel Falconer
  • Output 2 (Development of training materials and teacher training in OER reuse): presentation by Hélène Pulker and Anna Comas-Quinn
  • Output 3 (social networking and gaming mechanics in OER repositories): presentaion by Katerina Zourou.
  • Output 4 (Policy developments): presentaion by Anna Stokowska and Alek Tarkowski.

Linda Bradley and Sylvi Vigmo led the discussion on management, financial issues, reporting and communication.

Thank you all ExplOERers for this nice event!