Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities in Open Scholarship & Challenges for Open Educational Practices (OEP) and the Responsibilities for Academia

Speakers: Professor Martin Weller (Open University, UK)  Dr. Anne Algers, Senior Lecturer (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) 

Click here to see the webinar video:  Open Scholarship and OER: Opportunities, Challenges and the Responsibility of Academia

In this webinar, Professor Martin Weller addresses the different forms of open scholarship, the  benefits that can be gained by academics by operating in the open, the challenges posed by an open approach and how open scholarship resides in the current educational context.   Dr. Anne Algers talks about the challenges for OEP with a special focus on Open Educational Resources (OER) as boundary objects.

About the speakers: 

Martin Weller is a Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University in the UK. He chaired the OU`s first e-learning course in 1999 with 15 000 students and has been the VLE Director at OU. He was part of the team that initiated the OpenLearn project and is currently Director of the OER Research Hub project. He is author of the books The Digital Scholar and The Battle of Open. He also holds the ICDE Chair in OER. His blog is http://edtechie.net/

Anner Algers defended her thesis about open learning in life sciences last year and holds a position as a Senior Lecturer in pedagogy in higher education at the University in Gothenburg. She has an interdisciplinary approach and views open education resources as boundary objects between academia and society that carry a potential for learning. However, these practices also carry the risk of tension and contradiction.


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